Critical Backups and WordPress Maintenance.

Maintenance - Internet is changing fast. Core scripts are updated on a monthly basis. To keep up we recommend to do a maintenance once every month. It’s as important as changing oil in your car. Check out FAQ question "Why WordPress maintenance is so important?"

Critical Backups – Did you know that over 80% of backups that companies use, can’t be used to restore the website! Critical backup ensures that backup is kept safe in 3 different storage mediums at different locations and it offers 2 different methods of restoring the website. Our Critical backup solution works! We recommend to do a critical backup once every 3 months.

Single Paged WordPress Website Maintanance

$45 / month

For websites with no more than 1 pages.

  • WordPress Update
  • Regular Backups 3-month retention
  • Plugins Update
  • Renew SSL certificate if needed
  • Update PHP version
  • Update Plesk Version
  • Review of contact forms (Spam & form deliverability test
  • Blog post – $10 / blog post
  • Website changes – Billed at $60/hour with minimum of $35
  • Domain management is not included.

Standard WP Maintenance

$150 / Month
  • WordPress Updates
  • Regular Backups 3-month retention
  • Plugins Updates
  • Core Theme Updates
  • Updates to Bootstrap
  • Renew of SSL certificate
  • Review of SPAM prevention
  • Website Cyber Security review
  • Quick Scan for viruses and hacks
  • Updates to PHP version
  • Update JS and jQuery versions
  • 6 blog posts / month*
  • 1 hour of work time / month**
  • Domain management is not included.

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All products are subject to terms of service
*Additional blog post $10 / post.
**Anything over is charged at $60 / hour.

Regular maintanance and basic hosting for WordPress websites is not supported by our servers!

We do not offer basic hosting services for WordPress websites on our server without a maintanance plan. If you decide to cancel your maintanance or have someone else maintain website for you, you will need to move your website to another hosting provider. Websites that are not maintained buy us or are not maintained at all often develop security holes that can and do damage servers and can blacklist our IP addresses. To prevent that from happening we had to set this rule. Migration can be done by a new developer or we can help with a website migration to a new hosting provider at $150 fee*

*additional charges may apply depending on complexity of the migration.

Important hosting terms and frequent questions

WordPress comes up with a new version release on average once every other month, while plugins require updates on a monthly basis. Did you know that sometimes a new version of a plugin may be incompatible with a different plugin that is installed and by clicking “update” it will break the entire website, sometimes causing a permanent damage? To prevent situations like that we need to do two things. 1 – We need to back up the website before updating it and 2 – we need to update website on a regular basis to prevent severely outdated plugins that will fail to transition to a new version release compromising structural integrity of your entire website.

We’ll be happy to help.

Upon completion of website we will provide you with all the files you need to setup your website on a vast majority of other hosting services. You do need a developer support for it.

If you don’t have a developer and would like us to install it on another hosting, we’ll be happy to offer this service for $150.00

Please keep in mind that it is highly recommended to have a developer support to ensure that your website stays up to date and bug free.

We’ll be happy to have you with us.

To move to our hosting, please select a plan. We will set up your hosting and you’ll be able to move your website to us.

If you need help migrating your website to our hosting, please contact us. Each migration is different and we’ll ask a professional developer to look at your specific case.