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Coding About Us Block ACF & Bootstrap for WordPress

This is one of the more complex blocks that we have build. It's a block designed using Advanced Custom Fields plugin in conjunction with bootstrap 4 and a modal that opens up to show more information about each person. Each therapist is added by using a repeater field in ACF and number of ACF repeater fields can be more than 4 or less than 4.

Custom Blog & How To Use It

You might have received a small gift from me – a blog, along with your website order. Or maybe you asked me to install blog on your website. Whatever your case maybe you might be wondering how you can use a blog that we have developed. This is a quick link to a video that show how you can create, manage and link your blog posts that was created through our plugin developed by Web Aika.

How To Create Bookable Appointment Slots in Google Calendar

Want to allow you clients to book appointments on your website using Bookable Appointment Slots in Google Calendar? I wouldn’t be writing this tutorial if I could find a comprehensive tutorial online, or if Google help documents weren’t as confusing. It turned out not as simple and intuitive as I originally anticipated. Let's get started!

Quick insight into traffic spikes on your website.

Did you know that a well optimized for SEO content will not show a steady growth of visitor traffic at first? When you publish an article or a video that is very well optimized for a specific niche you will see random spikes of visitors that seem to come out of nowhere. From our experience this is “Testing” phase for google. They will shuffle around content ranks from time to time to get fresh content out to the accurately measured public...

How I lost 3 days of work trying to make a visual editor work for my business.

We all want to be able to edit content on our own website without a need to call a developer. Right!? In fact, in today’s day and age it’s almost implied that you would be able to control content of your own website without a need for a third party. Even though many websites do have ability for user to control content in one way or another, vast majority of sites still require a developer even to make minor edits. In this short article I want to share my struggles when time has come for me to try “Do It Yourself” plugins. At the end of this article you will learn what I use as my bullet proof, customer happy content editing plugin.

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