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These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Web Aika LLC’s products.

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Hosting is a non-refundable service. If you pay hosting for a year and cancel earlier, we are not obligated to refund you the remaining sum. All transactions with hosting are final. Monthly hosting can be canceled any time, and yearly can also be canceled at any time but are not subject to refunds.  Most of the money has been used in form of a salary to a developer who would set up hosting space for your account.

Hosting is your space

Because you have unrestricted access to hosting platform, there is a chance that website can be damaged. We are not to be held liable to restore it. It is additional service that will be build according to complexity of restoration.

Outstanding payments on hosting

We have the right to suspend website that has outstanding unpaid balance for hosting and use collections agency if necessary to collect outstanding amount. When website is suspended instead of client’s website, under construction with our logo will appear. We also reserve the right to disable all access to hosting panel and website files until outstanding balance is paid in full. If outstanding balance for hosting is not paid in full we reserve the right to withhold all website files even if they have already been paid for during website development until full payment to the outstanding balance of hosting is made. Website backup can’t be ordered until outstanding balance for hosting is paid in full. We operate on small margins where every dollar counts and unfortunately we can’t afford to engage in “Free for all” services at this time.

General info about our hosting

We have two plans for hosting “Web Developer Hosting” and “Web Support Hosting”. Both plans cover our commitment to do everything in our power to maintain good and reliable operation of hosting server. This in turn keeps your website up and running 99.9% of the time. Accidents, power outages and hack attacks do happen and on rare occasion servers do go down. In moments of service outage we do everything in our power to get website services up and running. We shall not be held liable for any loss of business or damage uncured to the business if service outage does happen. If you need damage coverage in the event of website down time, you might need to consult with your business insurance agency, or find alternative company that will agree to subsidize lost business during service outage. If you are wondering, our services are 99.9% up, and we don’t even remember when last time that we experienced a brief outage. This statement is really here to safeguard us from potential legal problems.

Data loss in:

Web Developer Hosting

Web Developer Hosting is self-explanatory. You are a developer and you are responsible for all backups and maintenance. We simply provide you with platform to work out of.

Data loss in Web Support Hosting

In Web Support Hosting we promise to install your website on our server and make minor changes to your website (such as hours of operation, events, and changes in company staff members) free of charge. However Web Support Hosting does not cover maintenance and backups. If you want us to update library of scripts to keep them current and backup your website scripts that service comes at additional charge and can be scheduled in whatever interval client decides works best.  Thus in case of complete website loss for some odd reason that is above our control we will not be able to provide refund due to the fact that backups are a part of additional service that requires time to set up and maintain. They are not expensive and we highly recommend doing at least one each year. This way you will have all the necessary files to deploy website on any other hosting or server.

Backup maintenance.

If you order backups for your website, we will provide you with up to two different options of website deployment on another server or hosting. Files contain all information required to deploy your website as it is during the last time backup was taken. If alternative company fails to re-build your website, you might need to question their expertise. Senior developer will have no problem restoring website from a backup files that we provide. We offer backup restoration as a separate service that is usually billed per project. We keep backup of your website on two separate hard drives and provide you a link to download your copy every time backup is taken. We are not obligated to keep a history of backups, just the latest backup version. It is up to you to keep history of backups and also store them in reliable space. We will do our best to provide you with a backup file in case you lose it, but we are not to be held accountable for backup file. We are not a storage facility, and us keeping a copy of your backup is merely a cutesy service, and not a contractual obligation.



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