Web Aika is now in the stock market

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You might wonder what does web development, graphic design, marketing and business consulting have to do with a stock market? Well, everything. The fact is that if you really want to prosper in 21st century, mastering a trade is only a bare minimum beginning. To truly succeed in today’s world, one needs to be a tradesman, an entrepreneur, accountant, sales agent and an investor. It is the investment aspect that so many companies overlook, and only investments will allow you to finally get off the treadmill and start earning money passively.

Save, Save and again Save. Saving money is paramount for ongoing success. Why do you think we have so many credit cards that are able to offer such expensive introductory offers as free flights and free food in airports? Literally by being credit-card savvy you can practically travel anywhere you want, sleep in expensive hotels, eat great food all for free. Money comes from all the people who fall behind on credit card payments. Believe it or not banks give you credit card and introductory bonuses with an expectation that you will fall behind on your payment and you will pay them outrageous interest. Don’t do that and you’ll rip all the benefits. Thus, the very first step is saving money. Be net positive! If we have that out of the way we can now think about investing.

Majority of business have rather unpredictable earnings. Take our company. Today we may make a thousand in a day, and won’t have an order in another 2 weeks. It is instrumental to have a solid savings plan in place. One idea would be to keep it in the bank. That’s what we have been doing for years. We simply deposited everything extra into business savings account, but really how wise is it? I decided to call my bank and ask how much interest am I earning by having my money sit in savings account. It was a pathetic 0.2% / year. This doesn’t even cover inflation cost. Literally the stash of cash is melting on me every day. How good is that? We need to take steps to change this.

One of the easiest methods of investing would be to put money into a stock market. Yes, I know, many people tried and got burned by it. I also spent a year day trading stocks with marginal results. But I am not talking about investing into just any volatile stock of some company. I’m talking about investing into an Index fund. Index fund basically takes large number of companies, averages their stock price and computes a price / index stock price that is representative of a large spectrum of companies. This allows for amazing stability. The only reason why an index fund would go down, would be if the market in general is not doing to well. That would in turn be a good opportunity to put more money into the index fund and see it grow as the market growth.

I know this is a horrible idea if you ask any doomsday prophet. We’ve got plenty of those these days. But even if you think critically, what if doom’s day comes and the whole market dissolves. Well I don’t think we’ll be worried about our money disappearing in the stock market, we’ll probably be running around looking for a cave to hide. If in turn there is a dramatic drop in stock price, and market goes into crazy recession, well another amazing opportunity to get more of the cheap index fund stock. As soon as economy goes back to life, our investment will start to grow.

So no matter how you spin this. Index funds are awesome investment tools, and they also pay dividend! Each year you will receive additional payment of around 2% – 6% from the total amount that you invested. That alone is great to combat the inflation problem, not to mention the additional growth that we see with the index fund.

Yes, at Web Aika we are doing stocks! But we are doing it wisely. The Platform that we are using is called Webull. They are offering an introductory free stock for a referral. If you are interested you are welcome to check out this affiliate link to claim your free stock, and I will also receive a randomly picked stock for my agency as well.: https://act.webull.com/i/KGXT6b7nldoV