WordPress Vs Joomla – I know this is a very hot topic!

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I know this is a hot topic. So please read this post with a saltshaker and jam. This article represents my opinion only, even if I sound like I’m generalizing. So now that’s out of the way, let’s dive in.

I had a rather funny correspondence with a potential client today. Everything started fairly well. Potential client asked if I’d be able to create a Joomla website for him since his other two websites already run on Joomla. I had to decline because I was not familiar with Joomla. Quite frankly I had no intention in learning Joomla anyways since is one of those CSM systems that were extremely popular, but every day more people are switching over to WordPress. Strictly speaking WordPress is the best way to go in terms of web design.

I thought, that was it. Conversation over. Soon client replies with a text message stating that WordPress website would be of interest. I quickly jumped on a call and we chatted for a bit. His other two websites are extremely simple; no images, just several pages and links. I further explained the situation with Joomla losing traction in market and the advantages of WordPress. After some negotiation we agreed that I’ll transfer two websites and will create a new site for just $200 / website. I know this is extremely cheap, but I really just wanted to help the potential client, plus the websites really had no images or styles to them – plain text. Really, the two websites looked like pages out of MS Word. I even agreed to come to client’s house to meet, help install a program to his computer, and do a tutorial on how to manage WordPress website.

Soon I received a message stating that his old developer will make a new website in Joomla, and update the old ones. Client’s old developer also stated that Joomla is not going anywhere. I don’t mind that this order went past me, since it would really have been more headache then it’s worth, but I really wanted to weigh in on the misconception of Joomla. Soon after I decided to share an article with a potential client that’s written by Joomla itself about the fact that Joomla is losing traction. Article specifically states that Joomla has only 9% of market share while WordPress has 50% https://magazine.joomla.org/issues/issue-june-2016/item/3057-the-fall-of-joomla

Potential Client’s responded by stating that “I won’t read any articles”. Not criticizing or judging, but it really struck me. I am always hungry for valuable information and insights. I would read any and every article that’s recommended. If a recommended article is not worth the read, I’d still quickly look through it and make mental notes.

I think that in today’s world, one of the biggest issues is lack of quality information and overwhelming amount of junk click bait content that doesn’t bring any value to the table. Google used to be very good at sorting blog posts and pulling up info primarily from blogs of people who had direct experience with a specific problem. Suddenly, algorithms changed and it’s ever harder to find quality content that comes from personal experience. Because of this, I think generally people became desensitized to valuable information. Today it is more important then ever to ensure that we have a reliable life compass with us (our dream) and remain sensitive to the ever-changing landscape of information, staying true and sensitive to valuable articles and videos that will guide us to the right location of prosperity and happiness.

I wanted to share this story for two reasons. One to reflect on my own journey and second to remind my Facebook followers to not loose their innate curiosity and passion in life.