How I lost 3 days of work trying to make a visual editor work for my business.

We all want to be able to edit content on our own website without a need to call a developer. Right!? In fact, in today’s day and age it’s almost implied that you would be able to control content of your own website without a need for a third party. Even though many websites do have ability for user to control content in one way or another, vast majority of sites still require a developer even to make minor edits. In this short article I want to share my struggles when time has come for me to try “Do It Yourself” plugins. At the end of this article you will learn what I use as my bullet proof, customer happy content editing plugin.

How Plugins slow down website

What are you betting on when you build your website?

Website speed is usually a big concern, but with a website over $5K that could be detrimental to your business. I’ve had number of large clients come to me asking to improve website speed. When I looked at the website, it was build using visual editors and had large number of plugins. Unfortunately, I had to tell the truth to the client that there is only two ways to improve website speed, by using a Cashing Plugin which will really serve as a Band-Aid for ongoing problems that will surface down the road, or by rebuilding it ground up with proper coding practices.

Web Development and Stock Market

Web Aika is now in the stock market

Stock Market - Here we come! In this article we will have a very brief look at stock market and how it can help any company make up for the inflation loss and actually earn some money year after year with minimum risk.

WordPress Vs Joomla - Hot Topic

WordPress Vs Joomla – I know this is a very hot topic!

I had a rather funny correspondence with a potential client today. Everything started fairly well. Potential client asked if I’d be able to create a Joomla website for him since his other two websites already run on Joomla. I had to decline because I was not familiar with Joomla. Quite frankly I had no intention...

Why Social Media Buttons Never Work

Have you ever wondered why social media share buttons are so popular on large websites and virtually never get clicked on a smaller websites? Surprisingly the answer is not in how they look, but in the way that they are coded. Believe it or not, vast majority of social buttons aren’t programmed right. Lack of popularity at your blog could have started with your website designer when…